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: Rear sway bar and other upgrades

1st August 2003, 12:37 AM
Hello - this is my first time posting to the forum.

I've checked older forums and FAQs, and also looked at some of the Saab parts specialists, but I wondered if anyone out there had found a good source for rear sway bars or the handling "kit" that I have seen discussed. I have a 1991 Turbo convertible.

We need to get the front end rebuilt soon (any recommendations there welcome as well), and will replace all ball and CV joints, as well as the shocks/struts + steering rack. I wanted to see about upgrading the performance of the suspension while while I was at it, and am wondering about tracking down rear sway bars or the kit. Do I have to go through a Saab dealer?

BTW - anyone needs tire reccs, we bought Bridgestone Potenza RE950's & the difference was extreme - they are highly rated for wet-traction performance (always important in Seattle) with good reason, and also soft & sticky in the dry. About $75 per tire from

Johann F
1st August 2003, 04:43 AM
My experience has shown that just adding a stock rear sway bar but leaving off the front one will do wonders for handling - just pick one up from a junkyard. At the same time make sure you run a tyre with a very stiff sidewall at the rear as well or make sure you have the inflation pressure high - this tightens up the handling no end. care mst be taken with a C900 convert when upgrading teh suspension because you are mounting components to a quite flexible bodyshell - in essence this means if you beef up the spring rate it will force the body to twist rather than the spring to compress - this can be a jittery ride over rough ground "scuttle shake" and lead to unpredictable handling when pushed My choice would be to lower the car slightly to get the center of gravity down but try and get springs that do this without increasing the spring rate. Then get some good shock absorbers - maybe adjustable - but not super stiff. Even the Boge/sachs ones they sold with the uprated handling packs are very very stiff.

Carl Hernandez
1st August 2003, 09:36 AM
koni adjustables are quite comfortable even with the rear on the stiffest setting and the fronts on click away from the stiffest.

4th August 2003, 06:22 PM
I did some research and found that all Turbos after '87(?)came with front/rear swaybars already installed (I did not know this), so I will most likely pull the front ones off as mentioned by Johann F. Some other people in the forum have recommended this as well.

Konis seem to be the shock of choice for everyone, including ScanWest (the local Saab specialty shop here in Seattle).

Thanks for the replies -