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: NO oil flow on reassembly

23rd July 2008, 06:06 PM
HI Guys ,

SYMPTOM NO OIL Flow from Oil Pump to Filter Housing

Hoping I can get some ideas on what I may have missed here or what could have gone wrong. I have read extensively the posts on this subject as well as Townsend guide and the Bentley, I have also done this job several times in the past without issue , But not this time Ö ;oops: ;oops:


I have been converting the car from auto to manual ( pick up tube swapped ) , also have done head gasket and timing chain , so oil pump has been off . Car is an 88 16v t ( now manual )

What I have tested


The Pick up tube is physically in place and not totally blocked.

To prove this I fed a piece of cable from where the pick up meets the pump and pulled back with engine oil .

I also by mouth and tube blew air back into sump, and got the expected gurgle of oil.

I also connected Suction to the face of the Pick up with the Pump removed and managed to draw up engine oil.

Based on this I believe the Pick up to be Physically in place , not blocked and not cracked .


The pump is assembled with the correct gear orientation ( pop marks to engine ) ,

It was working fine prior to removal .

The drive dog is engaging in the crank , It has too ,

The O ring should be sealing ( new)

The crank seal isnít new but I believe a good seal .

I have primed the Pump using the Vaseline method and also by Oil can back thru the gallery to the Pump .

I have also had the car running and have tried the *rev to 3k* as suggested by one of Jim Mís responses to a previous poster .

I have also done extensive fast cranking ( no plugs ) .

No hint of oil getting up to the Filter housing.

I have blown air thru the galleries from the Filter hosing back to the pump , no blockage there . .

I have this pump off that many times , re primed , Try again , CLEAN out , try again .

Every method described above ( vas and oil can ) tried multiple times , individually and in unison .

I have tried a different pump.. Same result.. NO result.

I have removed and cleaned Pressure relief valve and filter Bypass valves.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated ,

Also for those that use the Vaseline What do you call packing the pump ?

All the suction side ? Just the gears ?

Thanks guys


Jim Mesthene
23rd July 2008, 07:53 PM
The pick-up tube can still be out of place. Look at it with a mirror, make sure it's centered in the Timing Cover.

Any grease or Vaseline in any amount will seal the pump gears well enough to create suction.

23rd July 2008, 08:44 PM
Thanks Jim ,
I will double / triple/ quadruple check , but I believe the pick up is ok .. with the pump off , I can feel the entry with my finger , it is centred , and i can recall bolting it up at Opposite end ( big end bolts ). The mating to the gearbox was smooth and done with care , so I could not have damaged . I may have missed the O ring , but I doubt it .

25th July 2008, 11:08 AM
Frustration continues , :confused:
Jim as per you suggestion I Inspected Via mirror , all seems fine , pick up appears centred into chain cover casting , and I can feel around the complete circumference of the pick up pipe with my little finger , The distance back to the face of the pump was equal around the pipe and consistent with what I felt with a motor I have in parts . I again applied suction to a pvc tube held at the face of the pick up and it instanly began to raise oil . The suction wasnt extreme , I was using the intake side of a V head air compressor with only touch sealing .

Logic is saying it has to be the pick up Or incorrectly primed pump , but I fail to see how .
I again proved to self that all oilways on both the suction and delivery side of the pump are not blocked .

I am starting to think that I need to remove engine and seperate from gearbox .
Anything else I could try before commiting to that path ?

25th July 2008, 01:00 PM
Anything else I could try before commiting to that path ? Remove the wasp nest from the filer housing, that was created wilst you were woking on something else?:lol:

Steve Corgan
26th July 2008, 12:33 PM
Remove the wasp nest from the filer housing, that was created wilst you were woking on something else?:lol:

Mice filled up my 900's air filter canister with dog food pellets one time when I left it set too long. Check for mice. :cheesy:

26th July 2008, 07:32 PM
Well , it could have been the wasps...but the mice ate them ..
could have been the Mice... the rats fixed them ...
Could have been the rats , ROAST RAT ANYONE ?:cheesy:

In all seriousness I did look for vermin nesting , always a possibility , But everything is clear , air gets thru all passages.

I am testing with filter housing removed , not even a hint of oil.;oops:

Jim Mesthene
26th July 2008, 07:48 PM
Any air leak in the pickup tube or the O-ring can do that.
The Tube can be bent or cracked, or askew at the O-ring.
You'll have to look.

26th July 2008, 08:22 PM
Jim . I realise I am just postponing the inevitable . It has to be a crack in the pick up tube , the Gearbox for the conversion came out of a wreck.
I know it is seated ok , but I cant guarantee the tube .

Thanks for the advise

29th July 2008, 08:14 AM
Can someone pass Jim a Werthers ? Yet again ..nailed .

The inevitable is completed , engine out and box is split .t .

The oil pick up tube was nut fully seated , the collar of the tube was shy of contacting the O ring , The L shaped retaining bracket wasnt tru , it had the slightest bend in one leg that resulted in me pulling the collar back when securing the bracket . I obviously didnt look back at that end . ;oops: So simple .. so stupid .:x

Main crank bearing shells are shot , Big end shells shot but not as bad .

Remnants of steel in sump

Bore and pistons still unknown . Suspect top end may be ok .