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: Adding an amp and subwoofers to 2003 9-5 Aero

11th June 2008, 06:21 PM
How hard is it? I don't want to change my head unit, or other speakers, I just want to add an amplifier and 2 subwoofers. How hard is this?

Any help is appreciated.

23rd June 2008, 11:43 AM
Not too difficult, just a bit of splicing and making sure the new connections are sound, otherwise, like any other stereo upgrade.

It's my first post and due to this forum I've just added an aftermarket amplifier and subwoofer yesterday. So I thought I'd share my experience.

Thanks to the posts on the forum, I managed to do this in about two to three hours. That includes feeding the power cable from battery to the boot/trunk, and doing the splicing of the RCA female connectors to the Saab amplifier connector and feeding new RCA and remote cables to the boot/trunk. Apart from the splicing, my 9-5 has been one of the easiest cars to wire an amp and sub to, as there's a lot of space to pass cables....if you've ever tried feeding the power cable in an S14 200SX, this is a breeze.

The balanced output from the factory AS2 headunit is not too hard to figure out, and really you don't have to understand it, just follow what the posts regarding the connections on the original Saab amplifier connector are (I just wrote down the number and colours of the wires I had to splice to on a post-it note), and you'll be alright. Start form the amplifier connector, it's so much easier to access, and you don't have to remove the headunit.

I just have to wait for my subwoofer box to be delivered, but I've already tested the output from the aftermarket amp, and it's working correctly, i.e. loud and clear.

Good luck!