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: Yet another APC question

7th July 2003, 01:24 AM
I know everyone is sick to death of APC-related questions, but I need to clear up one item... I have an '86 9000 Turbo. Now I have been reading up on the APC tweaks, and I'm still a little foggy... Can I just open up the box, turn P and F clockwise, and improve my boost, or do I have to change the resistors, and do soldering? (please pardon my ignorance ) :D


P.S - the saab has 209k miles on it, and even though the exhaust and engine were replaced (unsure how long ago) is this car just going to eat a hole in my wallet? The interior is shredding, the paint is scratching off, and sometimes it likes the grind gears. There is a long list of repairs it could use, but the engine seems fine

Anders Olsson
11th August 2003, 06:52 PM
You can just turn P and F, without changing anything else, but than you will still have the boost drop at high revs.

Bypassing R42 will, if the engine does not knock, give you a almost constant boost, no drop at high revs at all. This will mean both more power (power = torque * rpm) and a longer life for your gearbox (since it is the torque that kills a gearbox)