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: Newbie has a ??

3rd July 2003, 12:59 AM
Hi, all well my? is this my Bella(1992 9000T 2.3 automatic) is ridling very roughly when ever I cold start her lasts for about 3-5 min and idles about 450-600RPMs. Now when she gets warmed up she averages about 950-1000Rpms and runs smooth.. I have taken some advice already and checked air cleaner it was good, changed spark plugs, cleaned out throttle body with Carb cleaner....still idling bad anyone got any other suggestions??? My not so local dealer said it could be the injectors ..if so is checking and cleaning and replacing a DIY project or will I need to take to the shop?? Also heard that it might be the vacum hoses??? If so Is this a DIY project and how long would it take to complete both?