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: 16 valve conversion

23rd June 2003, 02:46 AM
Before I posted this, I did a quick search of the forums to see if I could find any info, but it seemed limited. Anyway I ran across a 1980 99 N/A for $200 the other day...it runs, but not well. I drive a 1989 900 conv. and know very little about 99's (the one for sale has four circular headlights...weird i never saw that on any pics of these cars...maybe a US only thing?). well anyway I'm getting off topic, so i'll be brief...is a conversion to a 16 valve turbo engine from a 900 possible with this car? I've got several old 900's laying around, and i'm sure i could piece together a good turbo 16v engine for very cheap. I remember reading that extensive firewall mods were necessary, but that is about all i've heard so far...tips/advice appreciated. If anyone is curious, i'm considering this because i've heard that the 2-door 99's are lighter and stiffer than the 3-door 900's sitting around in my yard (definitely stiffer than my convertible!!) and I thought a quick 99 might be a fun ride, especially for the cheap price!

thanks, Bryan

23rd June 2003, 05:00 AM
Hi Bryan,
You're right in saying that the US cars have four round headlights. This was down to some legal requirements I think.

As far as the engine change goes. I believe that the B-series engined cars would require some cutting back of the bulkhead to fit a later 900 engine. A 1980 would be a B-series, I think the change to the H-series was 1982. Have a look at the link below:


Also I think you're right in saying a two-door would be lighter and stiffer. With a large rear hatchback style the body is able to flex a lot more.