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: Aftermarket Turbo Gauge?

19th June 2003, 03:19 AM
Since the '99 9-5 didn't come with a turbo gauge, I've been thinking about installing one (yes, I know the stock one measures something different). I was wondering if anyone has gone about installing one. Any and all details are welcomed (from pictures of wear to splice and install, to step by step instructions). When I was looking at VW Passats and lurked the forums, I found a pretty good guide of WEAR to put the gauge...but don't know if any of it is applicable to Saab.

I've been searching this site, and haven't found any in-depth threads on this.

In somewhat unrelated news, my car has been in the dealership for 1 week. I was having a scratch repaired, and had them check out an engine light/air noise in the engine. They found that my turbo was leaking oil into some hoses, and my 02 sensor was malfunctioning. Both have been replaced. Luckily it was all paid for by my extended warranty. Would these things be because of abuse by the previous owner, or faulty hardware? I have 55k miles on my car...and hope it won't happen again until well after 100k miles.

19th June 2003, 09:34 AM
Could mount the gauge on the A pillar..
Have a look at this 900/9-3 site for some ideas:

Although I would ask if its worth it, it won;t tell you much as the boost is strictly controlled and quite low on the LPT model :D

The turbo's are a known weak point on earlier cars, hopefully now you should be ok! :cheesy:

22nd June 2003, 08:57 PM
I don't know if it's because of the new turbo, or just because I've been driving my grandma's 1992 cadillac, but my saab seems to have an extra kick to it now. :)

I mostly wanted the turbo to monitor boost (to check for leaks), and because it would look kind of cool. Would it tell more if I were to get an upgrade? What is the pressure of the Stage 2 upgrade? Also, would I be able to get an instrument panel from a later model 9-5 with the turbo gauge (for cheap??)?

I was thinking about the A pillar, but I'd want it IN the pillar.