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: FOMOCO Carburetor (also posted on Saabnet)

15th December 2007, 03:07 AM
I know this subject has been discussed at length, but here is my situation. I am trying to help my uncle out who owns a 1974 Sonett. He claims the bowl of the carburetor is warped and is likely beyond salvaging. He is also a stickler for staying with the OEM carburetor. Is there someplace I can find a decent rebuilt or rebuildable FOMOCO carburetor? I would even buy a new one for him for Christmas if I could find one.

Another question... Can the bowl and cover be machined so that they mate properly or do they have a comlicated fitment? If they are both flat surfaces, I imagine they could be resurfaced. Let me know if I'm off base.

I researched the carburetor upgrades for this car ( and found the MSS was a praised option. Is this system still available? Are there other bolt on options that would not require a manual choke to be installed?

My Uncle is in his 80's now and is not very internet savvy. I'm not sure he is up for a complicated conversion either. I suspect this may be why he doesn't want to stray from the OEM FOMOCO carburetor. I'd love to help him revive that old car. Unfortunately, I do not live in the same state he does.

15th December 2007, 04:22 PM
If your uncle wouldn't be happy with you for changing his carb, then stick with the FoMoCo. It would be a lot cheaper too. The FoMoCo is known for not holding idle real well but I've been using it for thousands of miles on my Sonett with no trouble so far. If you want more power, then a Weber carb is the way to go.

MSS is still in business and Jack Lawrence is an expert on vintage Saabs as well as a great guy. He will probably tell you the fomoco carb is junk but if you explain the situation with your uncle, I'm sure he'll understand. He probably has plenty of fomoco carbs for sale. You can reach him at:

MOTOR SPORT SERVICE, Jamestown, NY, 716-665-4200

Some other vintage Saab sources:
I think there is a fomoco for sale in the classified section there
nothing in the classified section for carbs right now
Chip Lamb is another vintage Saab expert and I'm sure he has some fomoco carbs
Another vintage Saab expert

Shop around, prices may vary.

16th December 2007, 09:04 AM
Thanks for the input. I will call on Monday and see if he has any good cores. There is a place in Portland that specializes in carburetor restoration. If I can find a good core, I will see if they can overhaul it. I know that installing a rebuild kit is not that big of a deal, but my one and only previous experience did not result "good as new" carb. Maybe they can do a better job. I understand that the barrel on the Fomoco's tends to wear.