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: APC mod on a 93 2.0 lpt...?

10th June 2003, 04:13 PM
Hi all,

I was thinking of doing the mod by changing the resistors in the APC module.....but I'm not sure where it is!!

I looked under the passenger seat, and found some wiring for the heated seats, and a metal cage that looks like ECU type boxes could go there, but there were none. Then I checked behind the false bulkhead on the passenger side, where i found two boxes - a metal one, and a black plastic one. I had a look in both of these and couldn't see any of the three pots that i've seen mentioned (I didn't have the resistor numbers to hand). Is one of these the correct boxes or not? The black box bad a label saying DI 3.3 visible when the connector was unplugged.

Any ideas? I've probably been looking in the wrong boxes!

As an aside, the reason I was messing about in the first place was because I had a total loss of boost. I couldn't see anything wrong with any tubing, so I was going round and checking all the electrical connections. When this didn't help, I stuck my head underneath and found the circlip holding the actuator arm to the wastegate lever had dissapeared, leaving the wastegate permantly.... er... open, I guess!


15th June 2003, 05:43 AM
You have the Trionic engine management, the tweaker mods can't be done to these. Sorry

Andreas Plars
25th July 2003, 01:02 PM
Only the 2,3liter turbo engine in 1993 had the Trionic enginemanagesystem!
The 2,0 got it -94.
The -93 2,0 lpt has no APC and no elektronic boostcontrolsystem.
150Hp i think!

30th July 2003, 05:52 AM
I thought that on the -93 lpt the boost is controlled by the ECU in conjunction with the three way BPV valve attached to the radiator :-?

It's not an easy car to upgrade yourself. The best way to upgrade this car is to take it along to Abbott Racing to get an intercooler fitted and get the ECU upgraded. They were doing it for GBP395 as a special offer but they may have increased their prices.


10th November 2004, 08:52 AM
Sorry for bringing this old post up again, but found it during a search...
My father has a 9k 2,0 Lpt from 93 with the solenoid on the radiator. He has fitted s 9k IC in the front to cool the charge down, so from what I can read, there is no way around it, other than getting it chipped?