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: motor mount 92

5th November 2007, 11:00 AM
Hi All I just purchased another Saab. This one is a 92 with 225.000 on it so wish me luck. Anyways it was hit on the passenger’s side and the top motor mount was broken and the p.o. drove it like that until the motor started lifting up and making a load thud as it came down. I pulled the mount and I am going to replace the bracket on the inner fender wall to see if that fixes it. In addition to that, there was charcoal canister that was smashed also. I plan to just plug up that line at the intake to stop the vacuum leak and give that a try too. I would appreciate feedback because I am not sure what else holds the engine down or in place. It looked like two mounts on the bottom, one front and the other back on passenger side. I am not sure if there is anything on the tranny. However when I drove it, the shift would lift up and fall back down about a ½ inch at the shifter. The charcoal deal I am not sure of either, and I hope that is not essential for operation of the vehicle. Thanks in advance.