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: PCV kit for 9-3

26th October 2007, 02:02 PM
Hi guys,
The more that i read into the oil sludge issues the more paranoid i become about my engine so i am going to drop the sump and have a go at cleaning the oil pick-up mesh, this should put my mind at rest once and for all. Once i have done this i will fit the new updated PCV Kit which should put a stop to any reoccuring sludge issues :lol: .I have noticed on other non UK posts that the price for this kit is around $50 (25) but when i call my nearest Saab dealer they are quoting me 75 supply or 150 supply/fitted, is it the same kit ? My next question is, is it the same part for the 9-5 as PFS do not list one for the 9-3 only the 9-5 ?

This is not a job i would expect to be doing on a `02 model car with only 52k and a FSH but better safe than sorry, and it will be less of a problem than trying to claim Saab for a new engine if/when it goes bang.

Thans in advance,

26th October 2007, 09:17 PM
Far as I can tell the 9.5 and the 9.3 PCV is the same. I'd be careful to ensure that the kits that you are comparing are the same. I ordered mine for eEuro and it is not complete. Missing is the hose from the collection tank to the sump (probably the most important hose of them all as they harden and fill up with gunk) and the small hose and valve that runs along the valve cover (the valve is prone to failure).

Since installing my update and having changed my oil, I notice that the oil isn't turning black as quickly.