: used saab 95 purchase advice

16th October 2007, 09:00 AM
Hi all,

I've been looking for something sporty that is also wagon-like and safe to replace m wife's aging car, and have settled on a 9-5 wagon pending a drive or two. I am looking at trying to get an 04 or 05 Aero wagon. A couple of questions for the experts:

1. What mechanical issues should I be looking for? I won't get anything without a good service history, but are there common problems with the 95 which should rule out getting one? How has reliability been? (note: I'm used to Toyotas and Subarus, but will settle for a little less). I have read that the 04s are one of the best years, and that the DI module is perhaps the most common issue.

2. Anything specific to look for?

3. I assume the ventilated seats are visually identifiable? They would be a welcome addition here in the deep south. How rare was this option - do I have a decent chance of finding it?

4. Should I even think of settling for an Arc or just wait for the right Aero wagon to come along?

Thanks all!

16th October 2007, 10:08 AM
Welcome to the forum, you'll find lots of good information here. The Search feature is your friend. :)

1 and 2) I am not that familiar with the 04 model year but they did work out the issue with the engine sludge so you should not have a problem with that.

3) Ventilated seats can be identified by the perforated leather and the buttons next to the seat heaters on the lower dash under the climate controls. It is not that common but I still see them occasionally coming up on eBay. I bought my car in Florida and those seats are so nice when it's hot and humid outside. It was actually one of the reasons why I travelled so far because I wanted to have this feature.

4) It all depends on what you prefer. The Aero will have a firmer suspension and be more expensive. Not sure if there is a different in HP. Either way, I don't think you'll be "settling" if you choose an Arc, it's a 9-5 so it's going to be great :cool: . And with used cars, it also comes down to the right color combination, options and transmission. But if there are two identical cars similarly priced, I would defintely choose the Aero.

16th October 2007, 11:07 AM
Thanks a lot!

I have started searching for issues (such as the old sludge issue) this morning but I just needed a couple of starting points. All I really know thus far is that I don't want one of the v6s (which will be older than what I'm looking for anyway)

You bring up a good point that has me a little worried -- having to go pretty far afield to find what I'm looking for. I would hate to throw down cash on a trip for a car only to find something scary when I got there.

It's my understanding that the aero has 30hp and some handling improvements over the arc.

Thanks again.

16th October 2007, 11:19 AM
There are definitely good deals to be found on eBay but make sure to check out the seller's feedback. In my case, there is not even a Saab dealer near the place where I live so finding a Saab locally is nearly impossible. It was well worth it to spend $250 on a plane ticket to get exactly the one that I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. And of course a great road trip included.. :cool:

16th October 2007, 12:42 PM
It's my understanding that the aero has 30hp and some handling improvements over the arc.

Thanks again.

Well good news!

It has 250hp! It goes faster from 40-100 than a porsche 911 turbo.

The Aero is the road to go if you can sprig for the extra bit. 2001+ is best, I understand like it is said above that sludge is less of an issue in 2004. I don't believe they resolved it in 2004, it just comes with the PCV fix and synthetic oil.

Any Aero has synthetic oil from factory and a turbocharger that lasts more than a few years.

I'm going through the same thing right now and I think I landed myself an Aero.

Saabs are stonking second hand buys given thier dreadful depreciation and often careful POs.

The Automatic is said to be quite goood, and the MT was fixed up a bit for 2002+ to solve syncro issue that troubles some earlier variants.

The most import thing is record of a FULL Saab service history. The most importat being OIL CHANGES.

I prefer non dealer/non auction because if the PO is a Saaber, well then they know how to take care of a Saab. Stuff like letting the turbo idle down and changing the oil often, giving the car a good chance to warm up before beating performance can give the cars exceptional life.

My 1987 900 turbo has the original engine, transmission, turbo, and even major brake components. The top and hydraulics are even original I believe and work beautifully. The reason: Full service history and 1 excellent owner who knew how to take care of it (or at least drive it to th right kind of garage) Look at the pics below! ORIGINAL PAINT TOO! Very high quality parts!

All the best. Ask lots of questions and post lots of pictures, we love that stuff.

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