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: 1991 Saab 900 5-speed

9th September 2007, 01:57 PM
This is my sisters car and im about 800 miles away so i cant really go take a look, so it would be great if anyone could give me some hints to give her.
ok the problem...

Apparently it doesnt shift into 2nd gear anymore.
~she said something about when it started going out it would slip from 2nd to 4th, but i really could get exaclty what she was trying to tell me so... idk
Also this morning she said it stopped going into 1st.

she must be having tos of fun starting off in 3rd...wow

Now this car only has 150K on it and when she got the car a few thousand miles back it was checked out by a saab mechanic and it had a folder full of maintence dating back from 1991. this car hasnt been neglected ever. now she really cant drive a stick all that great, but i really dont see how she could tear up 2 gears in 4 months and still have a strong clutch.

any ideas?

9th September 2007, 02:57 PM
Welcome aboard.

Hopefully its a shift linkage or shifter problem, but I wouldnt count on it. Probably the trans. itself. I hope sister has a Saab mechanic somehere close, I dont know what you can do from 800 miles away. Wish I had better news. There is oil in the transmission, right?