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: Newbie Q Soup - Heated/Cooled Seats, Woodgrain, Sunroof/Vent/Tint, Alarm, Misc rattle

24th July 2007, 03:19 PM
Newbie Q Soup - Heated/Cooled Seats, Woodgrain, Sunroof/Vent/Tint, Alarm, Misc rattle

I realize this is long, and as I do more research and answer questions, I may split it up. Some things I have actively researched, others I just thought up. I only want to take things apart for cleaning and service once, so hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction as to what I want to do.

Iíve been playing in my 9000 recently and have noticed some issues with my interior that are important and some that are more vain obsessions. Iím very new to keeping and maintaining interiors on cars, so my questions may seem strange. Iím used to gutting interiors and power accessories to save weight. Come to think of it, Iíve never had a car with power windows. Although I wish I could have kept A/C on some of my cars, but I digress. I understand that this is a 12 year car and not brand new, just I like to fix what I can to keep her in tip-top shape.

Letís start with the important stuff.

Seats: I have three options ahead of me.

1)Recover stock seats and fix seat heaters. I donít really need seat heaters in California, but I want everything to work on my car, and I may use them once or twice.

2)Buy used Areo seats if I can find them and fix the heaters if they have them and/or recover them if warn/damaged. I do like sporty seats.

3)It would be really cool to have heated and cooled seats in the car. Will they bolt in or easily modify from a later Saab? Yes, Iíd have to do some wiring and create another circuit. I really have no idea how they work, and could be dreaming. For all I know cooled seats could very well be an extension of the A/C system and be too impractical to retrofit. But then again they could be peltiers or something of the sort that is self contained and simply require power and a switch. I have to ask as cooled seats are well, cool, especially in California

Woodgrain: I want to replace the woodgrain, itís the only part of my interior that shows the age, less the seats. Plus I donít like the light colored woodgrain. I think a nice dark or red woodgrain can be very classy if done right. I think this dash layout has potential for it. Does anyone have any experience with the e-bay woodgrain or the ones for sale on Maybe I should find some woodgrain from a different 9000 at a junkyard? Can I recondition mine?

Sunroof: Do you guys find that the sunroof in vent mode with the sunshade closed actually helps to lower inside temperature of the car? I would not want to have to leave the sunshade open in order to cool the car, with the sun beating in it kind of defeats the point. I could limo-tint the sunroof, which brings me to my next question

Tinting: Are there any tints that can reduce the interior temperature of the car without being too dark? My car has a tint on the rear and side windows, and a little bit on the font, but I donít know how to tell if itís stock. I read that BMW has developed a coating on their leather seats and windows that does something similar, maybe there is an aftermarket one for my windows. Maybe an IR filtering tint?

Alarm: I know I can tune it. Is the stock alarm any good on these? Is it worth upgrading to a newer aftermarket brand name alarm? Would it be any easier/difficult to upgrade because of the factory alarm? Iíve never installed one before, but I wanted one. I was actually happy to see that these cars had them factory, saves be some money! The only extra features, besides the basic alarm ďstuffĒ (mercury switch, motion sensor, glass break, intrusion sensor, remote locks, nice siren)I would want from an aftermarket alarm is to be notified when the alarm goes off. Can I install a louder aftermarket horn or airhorn with the factory alarm? If this alarm does its job well, and canít be easily tricked, then Iím all good. I could live without the remote alert if itís going to cost a couple hundred bucks :)

Now to the more vain problems.

Switches: It would like to have a rear window auto down like the ones for the front, anyone know if I can swap out switch mechanicals from another switch? How about adding a one-touch sunroof open/close? Or adding a one touch all windows up/close? I could always wire up my own on a relay, or maybe the car already has it and I donít know about it yet, like many people that are new to their VWs get a shock with :P.

Also, are the heated seat buttons supposed to light up? They donít. I havenít pulled them out yet to see. I also have a switch right below the heated seats and across from the air temp. sensor, it looks like a fog light switch. I canít figure out what it does. I havenít noticed any effect, and the manual doesnít mention it.

Dash Creaking: The dash creaks when going up and over speedbumps and into my driveway. I can live with it, but would like to fix it. I think that going though the ďderattle your dashĒ procedure on will help, but it could just very well be the sound old plastic makes. My 97 F150 is much worse, especially when going around a corner.

Noisy Visors: These visors and mirror flaps make all kinds of squeaks when pulling them down.

Door Panels: The cloth has not separated, but there is a spot, usually toward the rear, where it seems to have separated or is starting. I can push in on it and the cloth stretches a little bit with no backing to stop it. Also the foam and cloth in some places make a crackly squishing noise when you press on them, much like old foam weather-stripping on a hot day. Is there any way to solve the squishy noise and prevent the cloth from coming unglued, or is that just what old material does? The fabric does have some darker areas on it that I would like to clean, but I donít want to make the problem worse.

Old Plastic feel: Some pieces, and switches (esp headlights and stalks) just feel like they are old plastic. This cars turning stocks are louder than my 97 F150, click clack. Does anyone know any way to recondition them? They donít have the nice muted sound like my Focus did, but it was also 8 years newer. The center console is even separated 1/16th of an inch on one of the seams

Carpet: Parts of the carpet exposed to the sun are dry and stiff, any idea to fix or condition? I had a Festiva (that had a 145 hp turbo engine in when I was done with it:P) that sat in the sun for YEARS that felt similar, but it was much worse, as soon as you touched the carpet it disintegrated in your hands and you could vacuum it up. This is not near that bad. Another old materials thing? There are also a couple stains I would like to try and take out.

If you read my little ranting, I'm very impressed :P

In general, what do you guys find that these Saabs like as far a cleaning supplies? I am going to vacuum and shampoo, and would like to clean the headliner and dash. I avoid armor all at all costs. There are a couple of stains on the carpet and headliner that I would like to try and remove.

I also have a power actuator to fix. It's a strange problem. The power locks engaged via lock switch or drivers lock will operate just the drivers side. If I engage the passenger lock it will lock the drivers side and the passenger door (clear that one way communication to the drivers side and passenger front mechanical linkage works). The passenger rear will not lock via power at all. I'm going to take the door panels off and clean as a part of my reconditioning phase. Not a big deal.

24th July 2007, 04:18 PM
Wow, that's long!
One thing I know though, the sunroof in vent position works fo me fine when you are at speed, and it is not terribly hot out. Basically it pulls air from the vetns into the interior and the hot air comes out throuhg the vent sunroof.
That's the onyl thing I can help out with.


24th July 2007, 05:35 PM
Oh, I didn't even think about using the vent at speed! I'll have to try it. I was thinking about opening it up when parked to keep the temps down. Especially with leather! Hence wanting the tint and ventalated seats.

24th July 2007, 05:45 PM
For leather just use leatherique stuff, should keep it in good condition...


ylee coyote
24th July 2007, 05:48 PM
dash creaking a strut brace

interior probs ...
find a junker ,swap 'em
Loads on e-bay ,cheap as chips
squeeks ...silicone spray

cooler seats use a fan and special perforated leather it needs to be very carefully controlled as far as its air permeabilty or you get mismatched flow out .....
very very difficult to retrofit

one touch close for the back...
possible again get one from the junker and swap the backs for the junker fronts Iirc there is a circuit on the switch panel for the closure system

Tinting ?

donno we do not get much sun in Scotland....
I would read the tint companies claims very carefully
what you want is good ir reflection

good luck ...

24th July 2007, 06:04 PM
ylee, most of what you said is exactly what I was thinking to myself. I just want to (and still do) see if there are better options and opinions form those with more experience than I have with 9000s.

I think that a one touch close would be more difficult than a one touch open. If I really got serious about wanting one touch close, I would probably install relays in all the power circuits and than push a button to have them closed, and if a window already closed, the "already closed" trip mechanism should cause the motor to disengage on a per window basis.

I had a MK3 VW that would roll up all the windows and close the sunroof if you held the key in the lock position for a second. Didn't work on the Saab :P I could shock many people, including other VW owners!

Now do you mean that it would be difficult to make my seats or aero seats ventilated or that it would be difficult go get some ventilated seats from a 9-3 and put them in my 9000? You know, how some manufacturers keep similar parts bodystyle to bodystyle.

Is silicone spray also good for lubricating suspension bushings and weatherstripping and internal mechanisms on doors?

ylee coyote
24th July 2007, 06:14 PM
classic 900's and 9000 seats are close in size /runners and people have swapped them about

ng900 9-3,s and 9-5's are quite different (runners ar much narrower)

i meant one touch open ;oops:

silicone is great for loads of things .... :cheesy:

24th July 2007, 07:22 PM
I have a 1997 9000; the walnut veneered dashboard is much darker on this; I have noticed subtle shade trends over the years, my 900 talladega [1997] is also as dark.

24th July 2007, 07:26 PM
Oh ok, Thanks for the info on the 9-5 seats.

Is there anything special about 900 seats that I should look for? I'd imagine that just about the best I can get then is a nice set of beige/tan Aeros to match my rears, or get my fronts redone and fix the heaters. Will the Aero rear seats fold all the way down, or do they have the extra bolsters like the front does? Anyone have any experience with the seat-covers from or is it the same find some in good shape story like the woodgrain?

Any other opinions for post 1?

24th July 2007, 09:54 PM
The rear aero seats will go all the way down. The seat bottom has a little brace that you can fold out that latches into the the lowered upper. However the extra side bolstering will require more effort to get them all the way down. You have to squish the side bolsters down to the size of the normal seats. So if you are going to do that, make sure you keep your leather well conditioned to avoid cracks and permanent creases. If I was going to go through the trouble of replacing the woodgrain dash I would look into a brushed aluminum or carbon fiber kit. But that's just my personal preference.

Window tints have a "heat rejection" number that will give you an idea about how much cooler it will keep your car. The highest (legal) tint i've seen is about 70% heat rejection. However if you're willing to play the odds and run a hyper-legal reflectivity, here you're allowed 15% reflectivity, I'm sure you can get higher than that. I used to leave my sunroof opened up to vent when I was at work, (ya, it'll make the difference between the interior temps being 170 sealed tight or 130 with the vent open) but the interior of my car got dusty so fast I quit doing it. If you are always in paved/landscaped areas, you could probably get away with it. I'm out in the desert, lots of dust to go around.

As far as I know, nobody puts 900 seats in a 9000, it usually goes the other way. The 9000 Aero seats are a must have if you can get them cheap.