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: Track day mods

23rd June 2007, 02:04 PM
With any luck i'll be heading up to Croft circuit ( tomorrow for a 1/2 day session, spent today tinkering, not huge mods but hopefully they'll help a little.

First problem was fixing a boost leak, 2 jubilee clips on either side of the cuff had'nt worked so i dug out some proper Mikalor hose clamps, seems to have done the trick!

Next on the list was to do a little custom intake mod, hopefully this will help the engine breath a bit better with nice cool high pressure air being forced into the inlet. ( (

Now for the 'just incase senario!' (

And finally, this should be worth a few iHP:lol: , just to cover the rusty tailpipe, cunningly installed upside down so you can't see the ****yspeed (ripspeed) logo:D . (

Final mod will be done later after i fill the tank, a bit of octane booster to make the day go a little quicker!

23rd June 2007, 02:58 PM
I would like to see some pictures after the event. But do you really think octane booster is going to do anything, and if so even raise it 2 points

23rd June 2007, 04:59 PM
I have'nt used it on the NG but definitely made a difference to my c900 8v turbo, in theory it should raise the pump 97 octane (93ish in the US?) to just over 100, not having a big boost leak has definitely made a difference to the performance so will see if it gets even better:D.

Just read the ingredients and it's basically kerosene.
I've converted one of those sat nav windscreen suction holders to mount my digi camera on, i should get some nice footage if it does'nt fall off!