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: clutch issue......again

15th June 2007, 03:02 PM
so...i finally broke down last may and had the whole clutch assembly fixed by the local saab shop ($1200!!)....the very next day i was driving it, and the clutch fork i took it back, and they replaced that for free

12 month warrenty on all parts and maitenence (this is where it gets good)

so starting last fall (6 months on new clutch), i could feel it starting its old tricks.....very tight cable, lots of play in the clutch itself

fast foward to may (12 month up), the damn clutch is now pulling that trick where it shifts fine when cold, but when the car heats up, there might as well be no clutch.....its non-exsistent:evil:

so.....i take it back to the saab shop to no avail...they say the warrenty is up, u r screwed

so i reread all the threads on clutch cables, and try to manually adjust mine i move the relay box aside, hold the rubbery part against the firewall, and gently pull on the sheath and moved a lil, but when i got into my car and played with the clutch, i can tell there is still about 2-3 inches of "deadair" when depreasing the clutch before u can feel it engage...and it feels SUPER tight...u can even hear the thing stretch

any suggestions???

15th June 2007, 04:33 PM
well, i drove it....feels 75% better, but it never got hot, so im crossing my fingers and hoping my next trip out of town goes well

15th June 2007, 04:45 PM
Okay, here is the secret to actually adjusting the self-adjusting clutch:

Repeat everything you did to expose the point where the cable passes through the fire wall. SET the parking brake. Make sure it is set properly. Take a long pry bar to the front of your car. Looking down into the area that exists between the coolant expansion tank overflow hose (the one that passes by your battery and makes a right angle turn or two), your turbo delivery pipe and your power steering fluid reservoir (see below), and past the large radiator hose, you will visualize the transmission housing and the cable arm. Below the cable arm on the housing you will see a nut. Snake the prybar down in there (careful not to let it slide against the battery positive terminal when you have made contact with the housing or you are in for quite a shock, literally) and anchor it against the nut on the housing. The prybar should be between you and the cable arm so that you can push the prybar (and the cable arm) toward the firewall an inch or so. THIS REMOVES THE TENSION FROM THE CABLE. Keeping your left hand snugly on the prybar, along with your torso, you may now grasp the cable and spring nearto the firewall and gently pull it upward until you hear several satisfying clicks in very rapid succession. (YOU DO NOT NEED TO JERK THE CABLE NOW AS ALL TENSION IS GONE FROM IT AND IT CAN BE VERY GENTLY MANIPULATED). Gently ease back on the prybar (again watching that positive terminal on the battery very carefully) and extract it. Get in the car and feel the clutch play which should now be greatly ameliorated. It should move more freely now as well. If still too much play, repeat as above.
NB: One of the causes of difficulty of use over time is the galling and detritus that collects inside around the clutch arm. This needs cleaned out and lubed. SOMEWHERE on this forum it was nicely described how to do this.
Good Luck.

20th June 2007, 02:50 PM
so what i did helped bitime for about a week

then this am on the way home from work it started up again......the clutch pedal was pretty much worthless (at least 6 inches of play)

so i tried the adjustment again, and now my clutch cable is literally off the clutch fork there is so much room (about an inch between the clutch fork and the nut on the end of the clutch cable)

any suggestions??

20th June 2007, 05:38 PM
so now when i push down on the clutch (which to me feels like it is doing absolutely nothing), my buddy says the clutch arm is only getting moved about an inch......the cable is so lose that i can slide it over and off of the clutch arm

i tried doing the thing with the prybar, but cannot get the cable to make any "clicks"

20th June 2007, 06:11 PM
This clutch-saga seems rather strange.

The fork should have been very closely examined when exposed.

The clutch cable should have been replaced at the "clutch job time".

If I were the shop owner, I would not have warrantied anything without all components being either nigh perfect or new..
Apparently he was sloppy, and what should have been a profitable job is a money loser...

Are we still playing around with the old cable ??

20th June 2007, 06:28 PM
so now when i push down on the clutch (which to me feels like it is doing absolutely nothing), my buddy says the clutch arm is only getting moved about an inch......the cable is so lose that i can slide it over and off of the clutch arm

i tried doing the thing with the prybar, but cannot get the cable to make any "clicks"

If the cable will not click on manual adjustment then it is possible that you broke the adjuster during a previous manual adjustment attempt. There is a plastic collar containing the ratcheting mechanism. Somethimes, when attempting to manually adjust the cable while it is under tension, you can break this retaining collar. When this happens, the cable goes slack, just as you are describing.

20th June 2007, 06:32 PM
earthworm: the cable is new....everything was new and under warrenty for a year (it went out at 13 months)

Saaboheme: i was reading a sticky and something u said.....i would agree that the retaining collar is broken......its gonna have to go to the shop

20th June 2007, 07:15 PM
I dont no if you allready have this but why dont you buy a manually adjusting clutch cable from the for 45$, after installing my viggen clutch my stock cable broke shortly after or "self adjusted" itslef slack you are explaining. The manual cable is awesome I just adjust it every 7-10k and its worked for 25k thus far with a viggen clutch.

20th June 2007, 08:03 PM
Sorry:nono; ,Chad, I thought this cable was the old one.

I'd definitely go manual, the adjustments - every 6 months -or so - should be easy..