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: Forgot to put in clutch when starting car wont start nowHELP

12th June 2007, 10:52 PM
Alright well I came home on leave from the Marine Corps so I havent drivin a car in over five months. I picked my car up and it ran fine but i drove my girls auto all that week. So when i went to start my car later that day (the day before i had to go back to base so i couldnt get it checked) I forgot to put the clutch because i was so used to the auto oops so my car bucked alot and me not realizing it I held the ignition so my started kept trying to turn. I realized what i did and was like oh **** the clutch lol but when i went to try it again right after the car wouldnt even turn or make any noise and i saw a small amount of smoke come from the hood. I popped the hood and didnt see anything burnt. Did i burn out my starter? My buddy said i might have flooded the ignition but why smoke then? Did i fry my DI? If you have any advice i could use it because my parents want to sell it so it doesnt sit in the drive way until i come home again.

Thank you

12th June 2007, 11:10 PM
probably just the starter

13th June 2007, 11:54 AM
Good possibility..

Tis a good practice to have the brakes applied during starting - then, if you forget the clutch - this happens, I know.... ....but it is no big deal:cheesy:

Your friends are trying to be helpful, but todays cars as so complex, and our education system is not what it could be......

It almost seems as if the starter is still engaged, but you should hear a click..Via pushing, try to "unlock" the starter drive..
As this car sits, the battery could be weak..
But the man in charge of this must know what he is doing.

13th June 2007, 12:50 PM
Ok worm other then all that crazyness you were talkin about education systems and "the man in charge should know what he is doing" haha I dont see why it would be a low battery seeing how there was smoke from under the hood and i drove the car a few times problem free after it sitting for that long period of time.

13th June 2007, 01:24 PM
Does driver training say anything about placing the foot on the brake during start up ?

Do they go into just the basics of diagnostics ?

By the "man in charge", I mean doing the repair and checking things out on this vehicle ?

BTW , exactly what is the car doing/not doing now ???
Good luck :cheesy:

13th June 2007, 01:41 PM
Give the starter a belt with a hammer and see if it turns. I think it's burned out though but you must have been going at it for a good few minutes.

14th June 2007, 03:19 AM
Earthworm I dunno where you are coming from with the brakes being applied but Ive been driving my girls auto all week and I always apply brakes when i start her car. I cant say I ever apply brakes when starting a standard though. Other then that earthworm my car is just sitting in my driveway in Rhode Island because I had to go back to NC because my leave ended. Yea eckyboy i did hold it for a lil longer then I should have not realized how stupid i am but nothing crazy.

Anyway thanks for the help I would really like to have it fixed and shipped here as soon as i know what is wrong with it. Earthworm please let me know what you think I love what read what you have to say next.

14th June 2007, 03:46 PM
I really think you just fried the starter; there is a flat bare metal weaved wire the runs from the starter solenoid to the starter motor, that runs on the exterior of the starter. Its usually this wire that get fried because its bare wire that is exposed to air and moisture, and can easily get broken. Its so common on starters that have this design (most) to break.

My 96 V6 did the exact same thing, only my is auto. I went to start it, i heard like a zap sound it didn't crank, but then a small trace of smoke came out from under the hood.

I just removed the starter, took it to a starter / alternator rebuilder and was good to go in a few hours.

22nd June 2007, 04:56 AM
I appreciate the help. I was about to buy a starter and do it myself because im goin back home for the forth of july. Do you think the solenoid is ok or should I buy that also. Normally i wouldnt bother you guys with starter/solenoid questions but Im not home and I dont have much time to get it looked at when i am home.


22nd June 2007, 08:43 AM
Normally, the rebuilt starter/solenoid are one assembly.

Diosnoche : I just removed the starter, took it to a starter / alternator rebuilder and was good to go in a few hours.

This is the best way, unless you are a good DIY.

Tweek's Turbos
22nd June 2007, 09:31 AM
I learned everything I need to know about removing and replacing the starter over last weekend.

Its super easy, you don't even have to lift the car or remove anything.

Quote from the tutorials thread on TSL.

Removing the starter is surprisingly simple. It does not require jacking up the car, or removing anthing else. (I will describe it with removing the + battery cable).

Locate the top 18mm transmission bolt holding the top of the starter on. On Automatic cars, enough room should be available to use a braker bar, but on 5 speed cars, wrench will be used. Possibly with a pipe for leverage.

The second fasterner is a 16mm nut on a stud. You will use a wrench or deep socket. At this point it is convienient to kneel on the engine.

Remove the nut holding the positive cable to the alternator, wich I think was a 14mm.

Use a 10mm to remove the battery cable clamps, 1 if manual, 3 if automatic. Remove the cable from the fuse holder next to the battery also.

You will also need to remove a yellow ignition lead with the 10mm socket, it only becomes visible when you can move the starter away.
Snake the starter down and when looking from the top, go around the cat to the left (U.S. Pass side) It will fit, just wiggle it around.

To re-fit, attach the positive cable to the new starter, and remove the hose and plug from the MAP sensor. Then hand the new starter over to the right and fit onto stud.

You may wish to attach yellow ignition wire b4 bolting starter in.
Apply antiseize to everything and re-install the 18mm trans bolt. Then stud, nut.

Re attach cable to alternator. then snake the pos cable back around, fastening the proper clamps, and then to the relay box.

22nd June 2007, 04:08 PM
I was just going to buy a starter and throw it on myself. But earthworm I have a feeling the starter isnt going to come with the solenoid unless it was one piece but they are seperate right? I would like to do it myself I mean I think i can handle it i do work on Harrier engines:lol:

If i was home I would look at it myself and not ask such stupid questions but Im only going back for 2 days next week so I could use all the knowledge I can get before I start the job. I was gonna buy a starter today but Id hate to buy it and find out its a solenoid then not have time to get a solenoid before I go back to NC.

22nd June 2007, 05:34 PM
I'm pretty sure the starter comes with the solenoid... :)

22nd June 2007, 06:09 PM
It's an hours job top with a few bolts and a few connections so compared to a Harrier it should be an easy task, although jump jets dont have a starter motor;)

22nd June 2007, 06:39 PM
Basic mechanics is basic mechanics, on a hydraulic motor, a M109, a Harrier, or a Saab.

That is a good question , assure that the replacement starter does come with the solenoid, I have seen them without this - in the past...

23rd June 2007, 12:50 AM
I appreciate the help and lets hope the starter i bought comes with the solenoid. If i cant R&R the starter ill keep you posted and Im sure my Harrier shop will be disappointed as well LOL. Again thanks for the input I cant wait to get this done