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: lug nuts problem

4th June 2007, 02:37 AM
hey guys,

so i had some aftermarket 17" wheels from my past vehicle (a maxda mx6), dont remember the bolt pattern, however it is a 5 lug universal, and tried matching up the holes to the saabs bolt holes. they look as though they will match up. the problem is, is that the lug nuts that the saab comes with are larger than the holes provided in the aftermarket wheel holes, which in turn makes the lug nuts turn up short in screwing them in. basically, the holes in the wheels are too small. are there alternatives to fixing this???? thank you for any responses!

4th June 2007, 09:20 AM
They won't fit directly anyway. The Maxda MX6 has a 5X114,5 bolt pattern while your SAAB has a 5X110 bolt pattern. There mey be a way to drill them at a specialty wheel shop (it's been done before) but I don't like doing that stuff and I'm not sure how safe that is. Either way, it'll probably be easier for you to sell those wheels and get others that bolt directly to the car.