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: 9000 - door locks - car won't start - buying a problem?

24th January 2002, 01:07 PM
Based on the following, if anyone has similar problems or otherwise knows if there is a recurring problem with this item in this model of Saab, please advise.

I am looking at a used 1992 9000 CD Turbo. Before I could see the car at the seller's home, scheduled for tomorrow, he e-mailed me he had a problem the night before and didn't know if the car would be available. Seems that last night he washed the car when the temp was about 5-6 degrees. This morning, the door was frozen and he couldn't get in from the driver's side but could from the passengers side. He advises that, in order to start the car, " . . . the drivers door lock must be opened." He then says further that, "Every once in a while I would have a problem with the key sticking in the drivers door lock (wouldn't turn). It was never an on-going problem and always ended quickly." I'm not bothered with a repair that may fix the problem, but if this is a problem others are having and that's one of those grimlins that cannot ever quite be put right, I'd like to know. The car is for my teenage daughter and I don't want to have her in someplace where she's stranded because she has an unreliable lock that prevents the car from starting.

24th January 2002, 03:25 PM
I'm afraid I can't help you on the locks and door problems, but don't forget to check things like the gearbox, timing chain, ABS (if the car has it), are all in good working order, as these can cost big money to sort.

At least the bloke has told you there's a problem. On the other hand he may be trying to gain your confidence to pass on a lemon.

Hopefully the Technical gurus will be able to shed more light on the problems with the doors.