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: Desertwind 1991 Vert

20-05-07, 06:21 AM
never c a car in the rain. I did and didnt notice a bunch of stuff that I'm going to have to sort.

20-05-07, 06:25 AM
When I finally got the car, the (not so) ugly truth. didnt like the cross design wheel though

A photo from this morning that show the Vert rides 2 high

20-05-07, 06:26 AM
Got a set of Super Aeros (1 of which had 5 holes instead of the 4-trying to rectify with the supplier)

whatever i did I could not clean the leather. best option turned out to be real leather for the interior

I tried to replace the fabric. Experiment wasnt so succesful.

ever wonder what it look like under the front seats? Note the replacement leather on the door inner

20-05-07, 06:27 AM
Nice ;) Are there a lot of c900 SAABs in UAE? Guess there are no rust issues?

20-05-07, 08:21 AM
Rust is a biggie here.

I got an 85 SPG (from which I removed the 'tween the wheels side skirts) as a parts car and was hoping for the 3 spokes too but found they wouldn't fit It was a rust bucket.

High heat (5 months of 35+ centigrade) + 3 months of + %90 humidity cannot be good for anything.

The Vert has only a tad of rust under the driver's door, which I shall get to soon.