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Saab 95 — the seven-seat estate car

v4A multi-purpose car would probably be a better name. since the interior can be rearranged in four different ways. Seven persons can be accommodated in the Saab 95, by raising the extra seat at the extreme rear. With the extra seat in the folded position, the car can carry five persons plus 220 kg (485 lb) of luggage. You can also carry two people at the front and two at the extreme rear, and reserve the centre space for luggage.

lf you ever have to carry hulky or long items, fold both the rear and centre seats and you will then have a luggage compartment with a flat floor, capable of accomodating items up to 165 cm (65”) 1ong and up to 120 cm (47”) wide . If the load you have to carry is heavy, it may be worth knowing that the Saab 95 can manage up to half a ton. This is a fair tribute to the robust and solid design of the car.

A few other dimensions:

Practically unaltered road-holding properties in spite of a heavy load

Except in extreme cases, the Saab 95 is under-steered whatever the load. This is another example of the built-in safety of the Saab. Many other cars can vary between under-steering and over-steering depending on the load.

A few features and refinements

The luggage compartment floor is covered with a layer of almost indestructible plastic which is easy to keep clean and tidy.

When the extra rear seat is net used, the foot-wells can be utilized as additional storage space . A spoiler helps to keep the rear window free from dirt.

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Saab 95

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