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The internal safety

V4 interiorSturdy, safety type door locks will hold the doors closed even if the car should turn over. On the inside, the door handles are recessed in order to avoid the door being inadvertently opened.

To protect the passengers, the windscreen and side pillars, the arm rests, the trim under the windows, the top of the instrument panel and several other components are provided with energy-absorbing padding. in addition, the instrument panel will give way if a high force is applied.

The Saab seat belts at the front are of the three-point type and are easily adjustable. The two straps are independently adjustable.

One outside rearview mirror is standard on the 95. The interior rearview mirror is mounted on a flexible bracket and is adjustable in height to suit all drivers.

Clear instrumentation

v4The Saab 95 as well as the 96 has two large, circular and non-reflecting main instruments, with black backgrounds and clearly visible, orange coloured pointers. The instruments include gauges for the cooling water temperature and fuel, speedometer and odometer, as well as a number of warning lamps.

The controls on the pane(from left to right in the large illustration) are the temperature control, venti-lation, defroster, instrument illumination, warning (hazard) flashers, headlamps and heater fan. A Saab refinement is that the headlamp supply circuit is connected across the ignition switch. This implies that if the headlamps are on when parking the car, they will he extinguished when the ignition is switched off.

Saab has also been one of the initiators of fingertip levers directly below the steering wheel, The headlamp dip/f1ash switch and direction indicator control is on one side. The windscreen wiper and washer control is fitted on the other side. It can hardly be safer or more convenient.

Thermostatically controlled heating for the Scandinavian climate

The Saab has an efficient heating and ventilation system of the through-flow type (Figure 2). Warm air is admitted at the floor, in the front. Defroster nozzles are provided for the windscreen and the front side windows, The flow of air through the passenger compartment helps to prevent misting-up of the rear window. The air is discharged through holes below the bottom edge of the rear window.

A separate fresh air supp]y unit is provided below the centre of the instrument panel, with controls for the air supply arid for directing the flow of air (Figure 3),

The Saab heated seat

The heated seat gets the driver warm while the heating system is gaining temperature (Figure 1). If the temperature of the drivers seat is below +14°C, the electric heating will be switched on as soon as the ignition key has been turned. But there is no risk of over-heating. A thermostat ensures that the heat will be switched off at a comfortable level of +27.5°C.

The importance of a warm and comfortable car seat can only be appreciated by those who have suffered from backache and abdominal chills.

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