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Saab introduced the Diagonally split., dual-circuit brake system as early as 1963

figure 1The hydraulic system is diagonally split into two cjrcuits which operate independently of each other (Figure 1). Should one of these circuits fail, half of the braking effort will still be available. But the risk of failure of the brake lines is minimal, since they run predomi-nantly inside the car, on one of the anti-corrosion treated sill beams.

The Saab V4 has disc brakes on the front wheels and drum brakes at the rear. And to ensure safer and more gentle braking, the brake system has been provided with vacuum assistance.

Additional features

figure 2The petrol tank is mounted in a well-protected location between the rear wheels (Figure 2). The steering column is of the safety type telescopic as well ns jointed. The steering box is located at the very rear of the engine compartment. In the autumn of 1970, Saab became the worlds first car manufacturer to introduce headlamp wipers and washers which ensure that the headlamps will always be clean and will provide full light intensity under all road conditions .In 1972. Saab took another step towards safer night driving by pro-ducing dipping halogen headlamps.

Body protected by electrophoresis

The body is primed in accordance with the electrophoresis method. This implies that the body is lowered into) a bath of prirner paint which is induced into all recesses by a heavy electric current to penetrate and adhere to all metal sur-faces. To provide further corrosion protection a special anticorrosion oil is sprayed into the doors, the sill beams and other closed sections. The oil has the ability to penetrate through moisture to protect the metal. The oil treatment comprises about 30 points on the body plus the underside of the car, where the oil also penetrates thro)ugh the underbody compound.

The rally tracks are vital extensions of the Saab experimental and test department

Saab v4During more than twenty years of racing. Saab has won numerous national and international victories. These include the Monte Carlo Rally twice, the RAC Rally five times, the Finnish Snow Rally nine times. the Norwegian Winter Rally five tines and the Swedish KAK Rally three times - in 1971, 1972 and 1973. Often competing against cars with twice the engine power. In long, demanding rallies. brute engine power can often be less important than the roadholding characteristics and the reliability, These properties are as vital to rally drivers as they are to ordinary rnotorists.

Tortured for 80 hours

Racing tracks are not the only testing grounds for Saab cars. A test car is occasionally subjected to 80 hours of torture on a vibrating test bed. This implies that the wheels of the car have to sustain 410000 blows from rotating rollers fitted with up to 10 cm (4) high blocks.

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