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v4 brochureAn economical car which is so robust and so roadworthy that it has become a c1assical rally car

You could easily gain the impression that the Saab V4 has been designed to win major rallies, but that would not be quite true. The truth of the matter is that it is made to win the hearts of motorists who appreciate quality and safety.

That is why the Saab V4 is front wheel driven and has large 15-inch wheels, That is why it has a robust V4 engine and a diagonally split, power assisted dual-circuit foot brake system. That is why it has a classical body which has been wind tunnel designed to reduce the air resistance as much as possible.

The rallv successes provide stimulating proof that the basic design is sound.

All Saabs are pulled by the front wheels

To Saab engineers it has always been obvious that the engine should be located above the driving wheels for optimum road grip. On the Saab 96, 60% of the weight (including the driver is supported by the front wheels.

The wheels which propel the car are also those which steer it. When driving a Saab, you can hardly fail to experience the fine coordination between the car and the road, and the precise rack and pinion steering.

The rear wheels of a Saab are always parallel

Owing to the rigid rear axle. the rear wheels are always perpendicular to the road surface. This eradicates the constant changes in the track and wheel inclination which can give rise to many an unpleasant surprise. especially on a slippery surface.

Since the rear axle does not transmit any of the driving forces, it is of very light construction. The unsprung weight is therefore low, thus increasing the comfort and the safety.

Stable, unit construction steel body

A car should offer god protection to the driver and passengers if an accident should occur. The passenger compartment of a Saab body therefore consists of a framework of robust steel beams, In addition, the windscreen and side pillars incorporate additional steel sections. The front and rear sections of the car are designed to act as energy absorbent zones.

Saab 96

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