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Turbo - Turbo means power when you need it most

saab 9-5 turboThe strength of Saab turbo engines lies in their high torque. Most every day driving sees the engine turning over at 2000 to 3000 rpm, so It is in this area that our engines offer full power. You don’t need to change gear so often, and low engine revs benefit fuel economy.

The turbocharger provides extra power, but in everyday driving conditions, the biggest benefits you’ll notice are ease of driving and relaxed progress.

The turbocharged V6

Every Saab 9-5 engine is fitted with a turbocharger. What is more, the Saab 9-5 introduced the world’s first asymmetrically turbocharged V6 engine. A single turbo unit driven by one bank of cylinders boosts all six cylinders: an innovative solution we developed to provide even more low-end power than a conventional six cylinder engine can otherwise deliver

Saab Ecopower

Saab 9-5Saab Ecopower is an engine con cept that stands for high perform ance combined with eco-concern and economy. Turbocharging is an important ingredient, as is the Saab Trionic engine management system.

It monitors all the relevant en gine functions to ensure that the engine is working as cleanly and economically as possible – at all times.. Even combustion Inside the engine is measured on the move.

The system is advanced, but the principle itself is simple. There are no ignition cables or distributor, and the result is more reliable operation.

Traction Control System

An anti-spin system (TCS) is used to put down all this available power on the road surface whether that surface is of snow, gravel or tarmac. TCS continuously monitors wheel slip and counters it by regulating engine torque and the ABS brakes on the driven wheels. It also cuts in when tackling an uphill gradient and it reduces the risk of the driven wheels losing their grip in a curve.

When you’re in the driving seat, the result you’ll notice is more stable progress and better control. Switchable TCS is standard on the V6 and Aero models, and optional on the rest of the range.


Saab 9-5The Saab 9-5 features a new type of brake lining that offers enhanced braking power, better durability and, what is more, greater comfort.

ABS anti-locking brakes are naturally fitted as standard, as is EBD, Electronic Brake-force Distribution. EBD distributes braking force optimally between the front and rear wheels, thus ensuring maxi mum tyre grip during braking irrespective of speed and load.

Engine range

3.Ot V6 Ecopower 200 hp
2.3 Turbo Ecopower 230 hp
2.3t Ecopower 170 hp
2.Ot Ecopower 150 hp

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