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Miscellaneous...............Options and Accessories Catalogue 1987

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Your Saab - 900 or 9000 - is a special car.

Its design, its manufacture, its overall 'feel' are the result of an individual philosophy of motoring, in which each part, each component is carefully integrated.

The whole of your Saab is greater than the sum of its parts.

The performance and quality of the Saab is the product of a fine balance of factors. In its emphasis on safety, on roadholding, on that special 'feel', the driver is immediately aware that this is not an ordinary car: it is extraordinary.

Which makes it vital that the harmony of the car is not disrupted by the ad hoc addition of accessories from any source. Only Saab accessories are good enough for your Saab, because they have been designed for Saab by Saab. They have been designed to integrate and co-ordinate with the car, whilst opening up options to the owner. They have been manufactured to the same high standards as the car itself and subjected to similar stringent testing. (And remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link). They will improve and enhance your Saab without upsetting that fine balance, that carefully planned and engineered motoring system.

They are not extras in the conventional sense of the word, because they contribute to the performance and versatility of the car in everyday use - a roof rack for additional loads, for example, tow bars for caravans, additional safety features for children.

The Saab range of accessories is part of the total Saab experience.....

No Saab accessory is purely cosmetic. Saab make nothing solely for the sake of appearances. Though the addition of spoilers for example, may add a sporting, racy image to the car, Saab emphasise their practical advantages.

Each accessory should be integrated with the other features of the car. Of course a spoiler must look attractive, but it should also make a positive contribution to reducing drag and improving roadholding, without affecting the efficiency of braking or the cooling of the engine.

On the following pages, you can see how to enhance the appearance of your car and improve it's performance by the addition of accessories that are designed by Saab for Saab.

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