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" Road holding is very good, and the Saab corners with a rare blend of agility with stability " .....(Motor, Great Britain)

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(cont. from page 5) they cause less pollution, their useful life is twice as long, they cause less wear of the discs, they reduce the sensitivity of the brakes to high temperatures, they reduce the risk of fading, they are quieter and they cause less fouling of the wheels.

The Saab 900 has disc brakes all round to ensure the best possible braking effort. The brake performance on all wheels is the same, even under extreme conditions.The front disc-brakes are ventilated and have a large effective cooling area, which contribute to a low brake fluid temperature.Saab was one of the first car manufacturers to use asbestos-free brake pads, therefore eliminating a serious environmental problem.

Saab was one of the first car manufacturers to introduce asbestos-free friction materials for the brake pads. This was mainly due to the favourable design of the Saab brake system-with disc brakes all round, floating callipers, and brake discs with large effective cooling areas, which contribute to keeping the brake fluid temperature low.

Smooth braking
The master cylinder foot brake system is equipped with a servo unit which amplifies significantly the pressure in the hydraulic system. So relatively light pedal pressure is sufficient to achieve a given braking effort.

The hydraulic fluid container incorporates a level switch. The switch lights up the red warning lamp in the instrument panel if the hydraulic fluid should drop below a predetermined level. Since the hydraulic fluid container is common to the brakes and clutch, the warning lamp has a dual function. In the event of hydraulic fluid leakage, the clutch will become inoperative first, which serves as an additional warning to the driver.

The master cylinder is designed so that both hydraulic circuits will be actuated simultaneously and at the same pressure. The risk of the car pulling to one side when the brakes are applied is therefore reduced, and the wear of the brake pads is more uniform.

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