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" Road holding is very good, and the Saab corners with a rare blend of agility with stability " .....(Motor, Great Britain)

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The backrest and cushion are dished. The backrest is reinforced with firmer material in the lumbar region, the shoulders and the sides. Special recesses are provided for the shoulder blades

The seat is adjustable fore and aft, and the seat cushion is adjustable for height and slope. The backrest rake is steplessly variable down to the reclining position, and the head restraint can be adjusted for height.

A driver's seat of sound anatomic design promotes relaxed and safe driving, hour after hour. The design of this Saab seat is a product of in-depth orthopaedic and ergonomic studies as well as exhaustive testing.

Driver's seat

The dished design and firm padding of the Saab seat provide the support necessary for comfort on long journeys. Although thick and soft padding may feel more comfortable on a short trip, it will usually lack support for a long journey. The occupant would then constantly be tensing his muscles to keep his body steady, particularly when travelling fast on winding roads. To provide firm support where it is needed most, the backrest and seat cushion of the Saab seat consist of several foam rubber components of varying firmness, embedded in a body of solid foam rubber. The lumbar support is designed to adjust itself automatically to the driver's stature and seating position.

" its firm but perfectly supporting seats always proved a welcome return after other less satisfactory products and could loosen knotted back muscles within minutes. ".......(What Car, UK)

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