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".....the ride is almost as relaxed as in a first-class railway carriage." Auto Zeitung (Germany)

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The ventilation air is cleaned very thoroughly to remove dust, soot, oil and pollen, Particles down to about 0.005 mm will be filtered out.

Ventilation air filter

Cars have long been fitted with air cleaners to protect the engine. But the Saab 900 is probably the world's first car to be equipped with a truly efficient ventilation air filter to protect the occupants. This is obviously of greatest benefit to those who suffer from allergies.

Such a person may suffer a sudden attack of hay fever when exposed to pollen or other substances. This would obviously seriously impair the capabilities of a driver. The filter has been tested at Linkoping University, Sweden, using common pollen from birch and timothy. Not a single grain of pollen passed through the filter. But in addition to being revolutionary for people suffering from allergies, the filter also reduces the problem of road dust on the facia and the irritating greasy film on the insides of the windows.

The air filter uses an easily exchangeable cartridge filter.The picture shows two filter cartridges, one of which is unused, whereas the other has been in service in a car for a total of 30,000 km (20.000 miles).Saab is one of the few cars in the world with a filtered ventilation system.

The ventilation air filler consists of a 10 cm thick block of glass fibre, saturated with a special oil. The substances trapped by the filter include:
- particles larger than 0.005 mm;
- oil and soot;
- 100% of all pollen

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