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".....the ride is almost as relaxed as in a first-class railway carriage." Auto Zeitung (Germany)

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Air can be admitted into the interior through 13 outlets. Six of these are in the facia, and four of them can be controlled manually to provide the required direction and rate of air flow. Four outlets supply the footwells.
When the fan is running at maximum speed, 100 litres every second, of clean, fresh air will blow through the interior of the car.
Pleasant conditions inside the car, are assured by air conditioning (optional equipment) even on a hot summer day.
The sunroof provides comfortable, draught-free ventilation and a high rate of air change in the interior. A sunroof is available as optional equipment on most of the 900 models, and is electrically operated on some of them.


"Heating and ventilation is also very good indeed, with a versatile capability, including a fiercely powerful demister and centre vents which give cool air independently of the heater."
(WHAT CAR?, Great Britain)

Fresh air outlets

The fresh air outlets in the centre of the fàcia are features that actively affect the sense of well-being and safety on a long journey-particularly at night and in cold weather, when the heating system is running. The driver and co-driver can direct a flow of cool air onto their faces- while warm air is still supplied to the remainder of the interior.

Air conditioning

The 900 models can easily be equipped with an air conditioning unit, which is designed by Saab to cool the hot, humid outside air in the summer, and deliver dry, cool air into the interior. Starting the unit, as well as drying and recirculating air are a matter of activating switches on the facia and the ordinary control knob.

The unit is also available as an accessory and can easily be fitted into an existing car. A cartridge containing the evaporator and control unit is then fitted in the space otherwise occupied by the ventilation air filter. But the wet cells of the evaporator also have a certain filtering effect.

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