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".....the ride is almost as relaxed as in a first-class railway carriage." Auto Zeitung (Germany)

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Preheated, clean air is distributed uniformly throughout the interior of the car through 13 different outlets.

Heating and ventilation

The ventilation system of the Saab 900 delivers a uniform flow of air at the pre-set temperature - regardless of the speed of the car. Tests have shown that when the system is set to maximum capacity and the engine is running at idling speed, the temperature of the air supplied to the interior will be 50°C higher than the outdoor air within 5 minutes after starting. During these tests, the car was first cooled down to -30°C.

Simple and logical

In many other cars, the heating and ventilation systems are difficult to understand and their precision is so poor that setting is a question of trial and error, which distracts the driver from the job of driving the car. The heating and ventilation system o f the Saab 900 is logical and easy to understand, and is exceptionally precise and simple to adjust. The system is semiautomatic, with a straight forward, seven-position rotary control for pre-setting the air distribution. The air outlets on the facia can be positioned in the re (continued next page)
The large capacity heating and ventilation system in the Saab 900 ensures a comfortable interior temperature quickly.

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