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".....the ride is almost as relaxed as in a first-class railway carriage." Auto Zeitung (Germany)

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The interior must be sufficiently roomy to assure the occupants of a high standard of comfort, even on long journeys, and it must also be designed to protect them in the event of an accident.

Interior space

The interior of the Saab 900 is appreciably larger than the exterior would suggest. Due to the wide doors and the large opening angles, the occupants can climb into and out of the car with ease. The doors protect the sill members from road dirt. Moreover, the sills are low and set back, which contributes further to the ease of entry and exit. On the four door and five door models, the rear door frame follows the contour of the backrest. On the two door and three door models, the front seat backrest can be folded down for convenient access to the back seat. A grab handle is provided below the glove compartment, so that the co driver can easily adjust the seat fore and aft while seated.

According to Saab designers, comfort begins with the choice of basic design and with this the decision to functional considerations guides the overall design.

Certain models are equipped with an extra centre console below the facia. The console includes practical storage compartments and space for a mobile telephone, radio, tape player, timer for the interior heater etc.

The radio/tape player can be accommodated in a special compartment and can be installed without the need for removing the facia. All models include provision for fitting stereo speakers at the front and rear. The speaker locations provide an ex cellent stereo effect and good sound distribution in the interior. The car is ready-wired at the factory for the speakers and aerial.

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