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Class-leading ergonomics are our trademark.

CockpitExcellent seating, with clear instruments ahead of you and all the controls comfortably at hand. Settle in behind the steering wheel of a Saab and you’ll soon notice that this is a car designed for the driving enthusiast.

You sit comfortably in a seat offering perfect support, so you can drive for miles without tiring.

The seat can be moved in several ways, the steering wheel can be adjusted for reach and the dashboard is angled towards you. All the controls are ergonomically designed and logically grouped within convenient reach.

There’s a perfect field of vision, with clear, reflection-free instruments, suitably illuminated at night. Large headlamps with wipers and heated, electrically adjustable external mirrors (wide-angle on the driver’s side) ensure clear visibility.

You breathe clean, temperate air. The ventilation air filter removes pollen, dust and other airborne particles and heat-absorbent glass filters out half the incoming solar radiation when driving on hot summer days.

You can relax in safety

“Here at Saab, we attach immense importance to active as well as passive safety. Active safety is all about the ability to avoid accidents, while passive safety aims at protecting the car’s occupants if an accident does occur”, says Kent Bovellan, one of our crash safety experts.

A list of safety features as long as your arm

The Saab 900 and Saab 9000 are two of the safest cars on the market, with an impressive list of safety-enhancing features: front and rear energy-absorbing crumple zones; high-tensile steel safety cage; side-intrusion prevention sys tem consisting of robust beams and absorbing panels; roll-over protection with reinforced door pillars, windscreen frame and roof; there’s also interior protection in the form of airbags (standard for the driver,optional for the front passenger), adjustable front seat belt attachment points, automatic front seat belt pre-tensioners, collapsible steering column, front and rear head restraints and impact-absorbing interior panels. It’s all there for your protection.

Real-life safety

Our safety experts aren’t satisfied just with computer simulations and laboratory-controlled crash tests. They also study real-life accidents to obtain supplementary data.

“Whenever possible, we accompany the first ambulance to the scene of any accident involving a Saab. This gives us invaluable information about actual injuries and points the way ahead for future preventive measures”, says Tony Landh, head of interior safety for the Saab 900. He is also one of the people behind the Saab Safeseat in the Saab 900 5-door and Coupé—although, to tell the truth, this is a name which could apply equally well to all the seats in the Saab 900 and 9000.

Saab 9000 body
The body is computer-optimised down to the smallest detail to divert and absorb crash forces effectively, irrespective of whether the collision takes place from the front, rear or side. Children travel safely in a Saab. The 900 5-door and Coupé are available with two child seats integrated into the rear seat backrest.

Sweden 's largest car insurance company, Folksam, declared the Saab 9000 the safest car on the market three times in a row.

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