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Feeling at one with the road

CockpitOur chassis designers always base their initial efforts on a component which isn’t actually part of the car itself but which is nonetheless crucial—the driver.

The car’s centre of gravity is positioned as close to the driver’s hips as possible. Because this is where you most clearly sense the car’s movement in relation to the road.

At Saab, we aim to give the driver the best possible control over the car at all times. We make it easier for the driver to sense what is happening, not just via what he or she sees and hears, but also in the form of small but vital signals via the steering wheel, seat and pedals. We design our cars to offer excellent poise and reliable, predictable reactions.

Our goal is to ensure that you feel at one with the road whenever you are behind the wheel of a Saab.

ABS technology allows you to virtually stand on the brakes and still retain full steering control, since the wheels simply will not lock up. It is such an important safety factor that it is standard on all Saabs.

Saab GM900
On the road, you receive signals from the road and car via the steering wheel, seat and pedals, and through what you see and hear. Your progress is an intuitive interaction between you and your car.

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